Digital Classicist Seminar 2016 programme

Institute of Classical Studies

Fridays at 16:30 in room 234, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU


Seminars will be screencast on the Digital Classicist London YouTube channel, for the benefit of those who are not able to make it in person.

Discuss the seminars on Twitter at #DigiClass.

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Jun 3 Gregory Crane (Leipzig & Tufts) Philological Education and Citizenship in the 21st Century (abstract) (screencast)
Jun 10 Matteo Romanello (DAI & Lausanne) Of People, Places and References: Extracting information from Classics publications (abstract) (screencast)
Jun 17 Eleanor Robson (University College London) From the ground to the cloud: digital edition of freshly excavated cuneiform tablets on Oracc (abstract) (screencast)
Jun 24 Stuart Dunn (King’s College London) Reading text with GIS: Different digital lenses for Ancient World Geography (abstract) (screencast)
Jul 1 Valeria Vitale (King’s College London) Rethinking 3D visualisation: from illustration to research tool (abstract) (screencast)
Jul 8 Chiara Palladino (Leipzig & Bari) Annotating geospatial patterns in ancient texts: problems and strategies (abstract) (screencast)
Jul 15 Daniel Pett (British Museum) & George Oates (Museum in a Box) 3D in Museums; Museums in 3D (abstract) (screencast)
Jul 22 Stylianos Chronopoulos (Freiburg) New Life into Old Courses? Using Digital Tools in Reading and Prose Composition Classes (abstract) (screencast)
Jul 29 Silke Vanbeselaere (KU Leuven) Exploring ancient sources with data visualisation (abstract) (screencast)

Each seminar will offer an overview of the subject suitable for postgraduate students or interested colleagues in Archaeology, Classics, Digital Humanities and related fields, along with suggested reading, practical exercise and discussion topics. No advance preparation is required, but you will get the most out of these seminars if you check out the short bibliographies suggested in individual abstracts.

Organised by Gabriel Bodard, Hugh Bowden, Stuart Dunn, Simon Mahony, Eleanor Robson, Simona Stoyanova and Valeria Vitale.