3D in Museums; Museums in 3D

Daniel Pett (British Museum) & George Oates (Museum in a Box)

Digital Classicist London & Institute of Classical Studies seminar 2016

Friday July 15th at 16:30, in room 234, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

In this two part seminar, we'll demonstrate the burgeoning world of 3D in the Bloomsbury museum area. In the first half, Daniel Pett from the British Museum will discuss the development of 3D practise and implementation in the Museum environment. He will also demonstrate different printing methodologies, with some models for handling. In the second half, George Oates, who is part of a new company called Museum in a Box, which is updating the well-known idea of handling collections and museum outreach with 3D printing and Internet of Things to create a fun, tactile and multi-sensory box of museum objects designed to engage and delight kids across the UK. Come and find out where we’re at and try a demo?

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Livecast at Digital Classicist London YouTube channel.