Digital Classicist London 2021

Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study.

Fridays at 17:00 UK time; broadcast online.


Seminars will be screencast on the Digital Classicist London YouTube channel.

Discuss the seminars on Twitter at #DigiClass.

Apr 16 Christian Prager (Bonn) & Cristina Vertan (Hamburg) Machines Reading and Deciphering Maya Hieroglyphs: Towards a Digital Epigraphy of Maya Hieroglyphic Writing (abstract and livestream)
May 28 Andreas Fuls (TU Berlin) Mathematical epigraphy and the Interactive Corpus of Indus Texts (ICIT) (abstract and livestream)
Jun 11 Arlo Griffiths (EFEO Paris) & Dániel Balogh (HU-Berlin) Project DHARMA: Pushing South and Southeast Asian Textual Sources into the Digital World (abstract and livestream)
Jun 25 Chiara Palladino (Furman) & Tariq Yousef (Leipzig) We want to learn all languages! Applications of translation alignment in digital environments (abstract and livestream)
Jul 9 Heidi Jauhiainen (Helsinki) Machine-Readable Texts for Egyptologists (abstract and livestream)
Jul 23 Daria Elagina (Hamburg) Modelling Vocabulary of Digital Competencies for the Project ENCODE (abstract and livestream)
Aug 6 Kylie Thomsen (UCLA) The utilization of SfM and RTI to study ancient Egyptian statuary reuse (abstract and livestream)
Sep 10, 2021 Amir Zeldes (Georgetown), Caroline Schroeder (Oklahoma), Lance Martin (CUA) Leveraging non-named entities in Coptic antiquity (abstract and livestream)
Nov 12, 2021 Mariarosaria Zinzi (Florence) Languages and Cultures of Ancient Italy. Historical Linguistics and Digital Models (abstract and livestream)
Mar 18, 2022 Ortal-Paz Saar & Berit Janssen (Utrecht) PEACE: The Portal on Jewish Funerary Culture (abstract and livestream)
May 27, 2022 Matei Tichindelean (UCLA) Digital Reconstruction of the Akhenaten Torso in the Brooklyn Museum (abstract and livestream)

The 2021 season of the Digital Classicist London seminar is on the theme of world classics: we have put together a programme of speakers who are working with digital humanities and digital classics methods to the study of antiquity—whether language, corpora, archaeology—from across the world.

Digital Classicist London seminar is organized by Gabriel Bodard (SAS), Paula Granados García (British Museum), Eleanor Robson (UCL) and Valeria Vitale (Alan Turing Institute).