Historical GIS of South-Eastern Europe

Dimitar Iliev, Maria Baramova & Grigor Boykov (University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski")

Digital Classicist London seminar 2017

Friday June 23rd at 16:30, in room G34, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Joint event with Sunoikisis Digital Classics.

Livecast at Sunoikisis DC YouTube channel.

The H-GIS of South-Eastern Europe project is developed by a multidisciplinary research team of historians, archaeologists, classical scholars, epigraphers, geographers, urbanists, GIS and IT specialists from the University of Sofia. At the current stage, the project is focused on the region of Thrace and covers chronologically historical periods from Antiquity to World War I. “Thrace” is a fuzzy notion whose meaning varies within this broad chronological frame, however each represented period uses its own outline of borders according to its specific geographic, political or cultural conditions. A database has been developed for different types and layers of analysis and visualisation of historical-geographic data such as: historical toponymy, roads and communication, military infrastructure, settlement network and historical demography, economy, religious sites, military sites, the distribution of agricultural lands, production of goods, etc. Each time period has its specific features along with the general geographical objects (e.g. roads, rivers, to some extent settlements and others) which can be visualized and researched across different periods with the aid of a special time slider. The GIS system allows for different options of selecting and modeling layers of particular objects and particular periods for a wide range of research purposes. A part of the developing team from the University of Sofia will present the platform and its different functionalities and will also describe the methodology, the working process, the main issues and the solutions proposed for them in achieving a task of such a broad and ambitious scope.