Summer 2011 programme

Institute of Classical Studies Digital Seminars

Meetings are on Fridays at 16:30 in room 37 or the Court Room, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU


Seminars will be followed by refreshments

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Jun 3 Kathryn Piquette & Charles Crowther (Oxford University) Developing a Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) System for Inscription Documentation in Museum Collections and the Field: Case studies on ancient Egyptian and Classical material (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room 37
Jun 10 David Scott & Mike Jackson (Edinburgh) Aggregating Classical Datasets with Linked Data (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room 37
Jun 17 Charlotte Roueché & Charlotte Tupman (King's College London) Sharing Ancient Wisdoms: developing structures for charting textual transfer (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room 37
Jun 24 Alessandro Vatri (Oxford University) HdtDep: a treebank and search engine for Greek word order study (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Court Room
Jul 1 Agiatis Benardou (Digital Curation Unit, R.C. "Athena") Classical studies facing digital research infrastructures: from practice to requirements (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Court Room
Jul 8 Timothy Hill (New York University) Semantics and Semantic Constructs in Cultural Comparison: The Case of Late Antiquity (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Court Room
Jul 15 Elton Barker (Open University) & Leif Isaksen (Southampton) Mine the GAP: Finding ancient places in the Google Books corpus (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Court Room
Jul 22 Sandra Blakely (Emory) Modeling the mysteries: GIS technology, network models, and the cult of the Great Gods of Samothrace (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room 37
Jul 29 Marco Büchler (Leipzig) Bringing Modern Spell Checking Approaches to Ancient Texts: Automatized Suggestions for Incomplete Words (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room 37
Aug 5 Daniel Pett (British Museum) The Portable Antiquities Scheme: a tool for studying the Ancient landscape of England and Wales (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room 37
Aug 12 Valentina Asciutti & Stuart Dunn (King's College London) Digital diasporas: remaking cultural heritage in cyberspace (abstract) (pdf) (mp3) Room 37

(Coörganised by Will Wootton, Charlotte Tupman, Matteo Romanello, Simon Mahony, Timothy Hill, Alejandro Giacometti, Juan Garcés, Stuart Dunn & Gabriel Bodard.)