Digital Classicist 2010 summer seminar programme

Institute of Classical Studies

Meetings are on Fridays at 16:30 in room STB9 (Stewart House) Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU


Seminars will be followed by refreshments

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Jun 4 Leif Isaksen (Southampton) Reading Between the Lines: unearthing structure in Ptolemy’s Geography (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Jun 11 Hafed Walda (King’s College London) and Charles Lequesne (RPS Group) Towards a National Inventory for Libyan Archaeology (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Jun 18 Timothy Hill (King’s College London) After Prosopography? Data modelling, models of history, and new directions for a scholarly genre (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Jun 25 Matteo Romanello (King’s College London) Towards a Tool for the Automatic Extraction of Canonical References (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Jul 2 Mona Hess (University College London) 3D Colour Imaging For Cultural Heritage Artefacts (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Jul 16 Annemarie La Pensée (National Conservation Centre) and Françoise Rutland (World Museum Liverpool) Non-contact 3D laser scanning as a tool to aid identification and interpretation of archaeological artefacts: the case of a Middle Bronze Age Hittite Dice (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Jul 23 Mike Priddy (King’s College London) On-demand Virtual Research Environments: a case study from the Humanities (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Jul 30 Monica Berti (Roma) and Marco Büchler (Leipzig) Fragmentary Texts and Digital Collections of Fragmentary Authors (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)
Aug 6 Kathryn Piquette (University College London) Material Mediates Meaning: Exploring the artefactuality of writing utilising qualitative data analysis software (abstract) (mp3)
Aug 13 Linda Spinazzè (Venice) Musisque Deoque. Developing new features: manuscripts tracing on the net (abstract) (pdf) (mp3)

The organizers
Gabriel Bodard, King’s College London
Stuart Dunn, King’s College London
Juan Garcés, Greek Manuscripts Department, British Library
Simon Mahony, University College London
Melissa Terras, University College London