Mining Ancient Greek Literature

Helma Dik (Chicago)

Digital Classicist Occasional Seminars

Tuesday 2nd September at 16:00, in room 212, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, 26-29 Drury Lane, London

Text mining is making its way into the Humanities. I expect that in the age of large corpora, mining tools will soon have a place on the scholar's workbench next to the established concordancing tools, but this is not the case yet. In the Classics, as far as I am aware, nothing has been published in this area so far. Yet some of the field's notorious Big Questions To Be Avoided (the relative chronology of early epic poetry; authorship in Lysias or the Hippocratic corpus; women's language; ..) would seem to lend themselves to experiments in text mining. Will such experiments offer literary scholars results they actually consider interesting or meaningful? Are we perhaps better off studying documentary corpora or scientific texts? In my paper I will apply the open-source mining software Philomine developed at the University of Chicago to the Perseus Greek texts and discuss some of these Big Questions and possible future avenues

Audio recording of seminar (MP3)